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Fossil Fuels

5 Best Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are a combustible substance in which carbon is the main component. There is normally coal, charcoal, petrol, etc. There is a great use of these natural resources in industries and for domestic purposes to get energy.

According to an estimate, 85% of the world’s population is dependent on fossil fuel but due to some cones, the industries now prefer to their alternatives.

Now the question arises that why there is a need for alternatives to natural resources? The natural resources are not enough to fulfill the requirement of the world’s population.

These are polluting our environment and increasing global warming due to the high percentage of Sulpherdioxide in it. If the use of these resources continues, mankind can be extinct.

To overcome these issues, technology has developed a lot of alternatives to fossil fuels. These are safe and environment-friendly. These are normally solar panels,sย wave energy, hydrogen gas and hydroelectric, etc.

Currently, the production of these alternatives is 100,000 times faster than natural resources. These cost-effective and carbon-free alternatives do not spread toxic substances in the environment.

Can alternative fuels replace fossil fuels?

The answer is yes, of course, we can easily replace them because fossil fuels are environmentally destructive and carbon-containing compounds that cause many serious health effects.

Whereas, replacement to fossil fuels like nuclear, solar, biofuels, etc are environment-friendly and protects the ozone layer. These sources increase the economy rate and work very efficiently.

Here we’ll discuss the main alternatives of fuel resources :

1.Nuclear power:

Nuclear power is considered the most abundant alternative resource. According to the research, there are more than 450 nuclear plants in the world and less than a quarter of electricity is obtained by thirteen countries in the world.

This appealing source of energy needs less land and considered as the least air polluting alternative.

Another reason to use nuclear power as an alternative source of fuel is that it emits less radiation than any other source.

Nuclear energy produces more energy than the combustion of coal. For example, an atom of uranium on fission provides 10 million times of energy than coal. In the United States, more than 20% of electricity is generated through nuclear power plants.

The main threat of nuclear power is the waste in the form of nuclear active but it can be controlled by obeying international laws.

The main drawback is, it needs extraordinary attention to operate it. Any kind of mistake or wrong use can lead you toward long-lasting effects.

2.Wave energy:

Wave energy is also called as ocean energy because it captured from the surface of marine water. Electric generators are produced on the surface of the water. The output of the energy directly depends on the height, speed, and density of the waves.

How wave energy is produced? It is the most asking question by the people. This type of energy is produced from the current flow of water in the oceans.

Many floating machines are placed on the water surface that converts the waves into the form of electricity.

The amazing benefit of tidal wave energy is that protects the dams and barrages from dangerous tides in an unfavorable environment. This reliable source of energy is also used in the pumping of water and power plants.

Although tidal waves are the best way to reduce natural resources. 15% of energy demands can easily fulfill it.

3.Solar Energy:

Solar energy is becoming an optimal fossil fuel alternative that is more affordable and environment-friendly. It creates no emission and saves our natural resources like water air and the environment.

The best thing about solar energy is that it reduces electricity bills and avoids global warming.

Is solar energy is more beneficial than fossil fuels? Yes of course, because fossil fuels cause health hazards and pollution in the environment. They contain carbon in their composition so there is no way to consume them safely.

As compared to fossil fuels solar energy is safe and clean to use. It provides a large amount of solar energy that runs the manufacturing buildings, photovoltaic devices, and swimming pools, etc.

it can be used on both large and small scale. The working of the solar panels directly depends on the amount of sunlight. The solar panels can either b fitted on the roof or mounted on the ground.

 solar energy


4.Biomass energy:

This renewable source of energy is the best alternative to burning fuels that comes from the living matter live plants and animals. Plants use sunlight as a source of energy to get their food.

When biomass is burnt, heat is released that is converted into energy. Normally biofuels are wood, straw, wooden material, and many other by-products.

How biomass generates electricity? There are several methods of obtaining electricity from biomass like:

Electricity can be obtained by direct burning of biomass. Heat water is supplied to the steam turbines where electricity is generated.

In other process waste products are turned into methane with the help of the digestion tank. Then this gas is used in a gas engine to produce electricity.

When it converts in gaseous and liquid form it is known as biogas and biofuels respectively.

Biomass energy is also cost-effective and present in abundant amounts. This alternative is also safe and clean to use and does not contribute to global warming and ozone depletion.

This carbon-neutral source can reduce 60-90% of land disposal.

5.Natural Gas:

Natural gas is one of the oldest alternative energy sources to fossil fuels to decrease carbon emission in the environment because it produces on third less carbon as compared to coal.

It produces fewer air pollutants that’s why the U.S produced 34% of electricity from natural gas.

As we know that natural gas obtained from the depth of the earth. It contains many other different compounds. The reliable alternative is easy to store and considered a popular source of energy for electricity purposes.

Although it is not safe and clean as compared to wind or tidal energy but it emits carbon in very less amount that reduced air pollution.

These all discussed alternatives to fossil fuels are environment-friendly and cost-effective. Now technology is trying to discover more alternatives to protect the environment from toxic substances and global warming.

Alternative use will also allow you to conserve the natural resources for the next generation.

Are Biofuels a better alternative to fossil fuels?

Yes, biofuel is a better alternative as compared to coal and copper. It plays an important role in running the chemical industry and the U.S produces 5.75% of transport fuel through biomass.

It is very safe to utilize and economy friendly. The main purpose of new technology is to emit carbon component and biofuel is the better option for it.

Which alternative energy source is exhaustible?

All-natural resources are considered as exhaustible sources of energy. According to the alternative point of view geothermal energy is called an exhaustible alternative to fossil fuels

because it directly affects the stability of land and chances of earth quack increases because of hydraulic fracturing.

Moreover, geothermal energy is not clean as save as above alternatives to fossil fuels and installation is also very expensive.

Final Words:

To fulfill the requirements of natural resources, technology has developed a lot of alternatives to overcome pollution and disturbance from the environment.

All these alternatives are cost-effective and economy friendly. All these replacements for fossil fuels reduce the expenses of electricity and play a vital role in development.

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