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biodiesel vs diesel Comparison

Biodiesel Vs Diesel

If we compare biodiesel vs diesel, then biodiesel is made from animal or vegetable fats. The best thing about biodiesel is that it is functionally identical to petroleum diesel.

”Biodiesel improves fuel lubricity by raising the cetane number of the fuel. The engine is more natural to start when the cetane number is higher.

We Can Use Biodiesel in a Regular Diesel Engine?

At the start, the manufacturers start using biodiesel in the percentage of 5% biodiesel in which 95% of petroleum is used.

After two months, they increase the rate to 20% means that 20% diesel and 80%of oil.

Now, many people use biodiesel with a percentage of 30% biodiesel and 70% of petroleum.

This 30% biodiesel is nowadays used in many medium-duty trucks, tractor, dump trucks, bulldozers, and cranes. We can also call it a biodiesel blend.

Advantages of Biodiesel:

  1.  It is easy to use as there is no vehicle modification or any fueling equipment needed.
  2.  It is a useful fuel as it has proven path generation and performance.
  3.  The cost efficiency is also higher. Biodiesel is environmentally friendly as it helps in reducing pollution and improving health because there is a low emission of carbon dioxide.
  4. So Its more effective in reducing Global Warming. If we consider biodiesel vs diesel, then biodiesel is safer to handle and less toxic. It is easier to store rather than diesel.

Biodiesel vs Diesel Pros and Cons:

Pros of Biodiesel:

  • It is safe in many ways as it is non-toxic.
  • It is biodegradable, and transport is easy.
  • It is environment-friendly and less harmful as compared to gasoline emissions.
  • Biodiesel emissions are less. You do not need a new engine if you are using biodiesel as a fuel in your engine.

Cons of Biodiesel:

  • The first disadvantage of biodiesel is that it produces less energy. The regular diesel or gasoline produces more strength and power. So this is the disadvantage of biodiesel that it is 10% less potent than diesel.
  • Engine problems:
    Biodiesel can be used in any engine, but sometimes it may cause problems because the engine is designed to run the petroleum diesel and not the biodiesel.
  • Storing:
    If you want to store biodiesel for an extended period, then it can create a problem because biodiesel becomes thicker with time.

Biodiesel and Diesel Emissions:

The bad thing about petroleum diesel cars is that they cause air pollution and hurt human health and overall greenhouse gases. However, biodiesel has many benefits over petroleum diesel.

The emissions and performance of the engine depending on the properties of biodiesel. It has improved combustion efficiency, as it is highly oxygenated fuel.

Biodiesel is a renewable alternative to the source of diesel. The popularity of biodiesel is increasing rapidly because it is biofriendly or earth-friendly. Also, the prices of diesel are high, so people are moving towards biodiesel.

The viscosity of Diesel Vs Biodiesel:

The viscosity of diesel is less as compared to biodiesel. So, the thickness of biodiesel is more excellent and more efficient. The thickness of biodiesel is dependent on the atomization of the process.

Biodiesel vs Diesel Price:

• As we all know that biodiesel is derived from vegetable or animal fat, and its function is similar to diesel.
• Biodiesel is economical and also environmentally friendly. B20 is sold more than 20 cents per gallon as compared to diesel.
• B100 is sold more than 85 cents per gallon than petroleum. B5 produces a more efficient result as it is a blend with 5% biodiesel and 95% petroleum.

Green Diesel vs Biodiesel:

1. In biodiesel, there are fewer oxygen-based molecules than the green diesel. The green diesel is enriched in oxygen-based molecules.
2. Green diesel has a high heating power and high energy density. The cetane number is higher in green diesel than biodiesel.
3. In green diesel, the Cetane number is 80 to 90 whereas, in biodiesel, the cetane number is 50.
Biodiesel Vs Diesel Price in India:

India is a developing country and biofuel industries are establishing there. Many bioethanol and biodiesel programs are running in India. In India, 100% biodiesel is sold in just 46 Rps/liter. The business of biodiesel and the industries of biodiesel is expanding day by day.

Where we Get Biodiesel and Diesel?

Biodiesel is made from many things, and similar is the case with diesel. Most commonly, the biodiesel is made from fryer grease. We can also get biodiesel from vegetable oil or any other type of fuel.

Alcohol is also a rich source from which we can also make biodiesel. First of all, we get alcohol by fermentation of grains and then this alcohol is used to make biodiesel.

So, we are saying that we get biodiesel from renewable resources such as grains and husks.

Volumetric Efficiency:

The volumetric efficiency of biodiesel vs diesel is comparatively higher than the diesel. We get biodiesel from grains and husks and also many other sources.

So, ultimately, the volumetric efficiency of biodiesel is higher than diesel.

Is Biodiesel Better than the Diesel:

1. Yes, biodiesel is better than the diesel because of the lubricity of biodiesel.
2. The energy power of the engine is also good than diesel. Diesel is costly than biodiesel.
3. Most of the companies are now taking an interest in the production of biodiesel.
4. When you are using biodiesel in your automobile, then you are adding less pollution to the environment. Biodiesel does not contain sulfur.

Properties of Biodiesel Vs Diesel:

  •  If we talk about the size of the molecules, then the molecular size of biodiesel and diesel is the same, but the chemical properties of both the molecules are different.
  • The chemical present in biodiesel is FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Alcohol). There are unsaturated olefin components in biodiesel.
  •  There are 95% saturated hydrocarbons and 5% aromatic compounds in biodiesel. The difference in chemical properties of the molecules of biodiesel and diesel results in a difference in the physical properties of both biodiesel and diesel.
  • The oxygen content is higher in the molecules of biodiesel than the molecules of diesel. Biodiesel is chemical acts as a solvent than the diesel. Sometimes, biodiesel is readily converted into thick gel-like material, especially in cold weather.
  • So, in cold areas, the biodiesel tends to thicken. It is a central problem with biodiesel. Otherwise, it is more effective and cheaper.

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