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11 Best Uses of Biofuels in 2020

Uses of biofuels is a known fact to everyone around the world, it is because fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy, and they are the primary cause of global warming and emit greenhouse effect gasses.

Scientists are continuously trying to find out the alternatives to fossil fuels, the source which can be used again and again and does not cause global warming.

And the name scientist came forward with is that of biofuels. Biofuels are an organic source of energy. The world is now shifting towards the use of biofuels as an energy source.

Top Uses of Biofuels

Here is a list of top 11 uses of biofuels

  1. Biofuels are used for transportation

Biofuels can be used as an alternative to petrol or diesel in the vehicles. It is estimated that all around the world, more than 24 percent of energy is used by vehicles,

and this consists of more than 60 percent of oils. Which one-third of all the oil produced every year is used by cars.

But the problem is that these are depleting sources and are not practical. Biofuels are now alternatively used because they are more economical. Now, most of the car brands are investing in biofuel-powered vehicles.

The primary reason for biofuels in transportation is that they are environment-friendly. Other fossil fuels result in the emission of carbon gasses, which causes the greenhouse effect.

But biofuels most significant advantage is that they do not emit greenhouse effect gasses or in very minimal quantities.

The trend is moving towards the green environment, which is the primary initiator towards using biofuels in transportation. Biofuels are also used in small amounts along with fossil fuels in vehicles.

  1. Biofuels Generate Energy

Another biofuel uses include energy generation. Everyone knows that what are biofuels used for. Their primary use is in transportation as a fuel. But the importance of biofuel is crystal clear to everyone.

Another important use of biofuel is in the energy generation. These fuel cells can generate electricity. Systems, where energy lost, is high use the biofuels to make powers in backup systems.

The United Kingdom has the largest market for biofuels to turn energy generation. It generates energy for almost more than 350,000 homes from the landfill gas.

  1.   Biofuel Provides Heat

For the past few years, the trend is moving more towards the bioheat. We all know that the primary source of fuel used in houses is natural gas. Natural gas is produced from the hydraulic fracturing of the heat.

Fossil fuel is not only the source of natural but Biofuels or bio crops is also a source of production for the natural gas.

The primary source for heating is the natural gas, but now biofuels are used as an alternative source to produce biofuels. It is a cheap source of production and also provides labour to the local people.

Wood is a reliable type of biofuel and is the easiest and practical uses for the production of heat. In most of the houses, wood is used for burning stoves rather than using gas or electricity.

Biodiesels are also used with the diesel to reduce the emission of nitrogen and sulphur dioxide because biodiesels are environment-friendly. 

  1. Biofuels Generate Electricity

Another use of biofuel is the charging of electrons, which means biofuels can be used for electricity generation. According to a research fuel cells were prepared with the use of cooking oil and sugar,which are used for the production of electricity.

So shortly, people will be able to use these cells as a source of electricity instead of generating electricity.

Use of biofuels is not only limited to the generation of electricity, but these fuel cells are used in place of batteries to items like computers, cell phones and other things. 

Although these cells are still in the process of developing these cells, have the power to become a ready source of energy. These cells are cheap and are more affordable than using fossil fuels.

  1. Biofuels Clean Oil Spills and Grease

Have you ever heard a question about what are uses of biofuels? We already explain some of the biofuels uses another use of biofuel in the list is that it can clean oil spills and grease.

Biofuels can act as the best cleaning agent to remove oil contaminating the waters. Biofuels even act as an industrial solvent for metal cleaning because it has a less toxic impact.

Biofuels Generate Electricity


  1. Biofuels are used for Cooking

List of uses of biofuels in daily life is not limited, but they are also used in cooking. Fossil fuels like kerosene and natural gas are the primary element used in the houses for burning stoves and non-wick lanterns.

But we all know that fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy and are continually depleting due to which world is now moving towards the use of biodiesel. Biodiesels are producing from bio crops.

  1.  Biofuels used as Lubricant

The list of biofuel uses has another use, which is as a lubricant. Commonly diesel fuels are used as a lubricant between the different parts of the machinery to reduce friction.

The primary reason for using diesel fuel is the reduction of sulphur concentration. Lubricants are essential to keep the engine work properly. They help to avoid any premature failures of the machines. 

  1.    Biofuels Remove Paint and Adhesive

Fossil fuels like diesel are used in the paints and adhesives. Many toxics products are used to remove paints and adhesives.

Biofuel replaces these toxic products and is a safer product to use. Biofuels are considered as the best method for the removal of these harmful and poisonous applications.

9. Biofuels Reduce Cost and Need for Imported Oil

Biodiesels and bio alcohols are used as an alternative to traditional fuels. Biofuels are produced locally. Almost 84 percent of all the worlds petrol is used in the US.

Demand for producing biofuel is increasing, and its production will help to stabilize the economy. It reduces the import, and this money will use in the benefit of peoples of the country.

10. Biofuel is used as a Blend

Apart from using as a fuel in place of traditional fuels, biofuels are also used as a blend along with the diesel engine. Biofuel is used as 5% in volume or in lower quantities in diesel is known as B5.

Whereas 20% of biofuel and 80% of petroleum diesel is B20. Biofuel in the form of a blend is mostly used in school and transit buses, snowploughs, garbage trucks, mail trucks and military vehicles. Biofuel blends are even available to the common public.

Trucking industry mostly uses low blend biodiesels like B2 or B5 because of the lubricating properties of the biodiesel, due to which these blends can increase engine performance.

Biodiesels are very sensitive to the changes in temperature, especially to cold, so you always have to add anti-freezing agent when uses biodiesels as a blend.

11.Biofuels Enhance the Opportunity for Local Employment

Importance of biofuels is clear from the fact that it also created jobs for the local people. Biofuels most significant advantage is that they are produced locally instead of importing like fossil fuels.

To provide them locally, a plant is set, and employees are required to perform different jobs and carry out various activities.

Above are the primary uses of biofuels in daily life. But there are still some questions that are not clear in the mind of readers.

So we are trying to provide you with a satisfactory answer to your question which clears all your doubts on the importance and uses of biofuels.

  •   Why do we need biofuels?

We all know that fossil fuel is a scarce resource and is continuously depleting. Apart from that, fossil fuels are a significant reason for global warming.

All this lead the world to find another source of energy which can never deplete and doesn’t emit greenhouses gasses.

Biofuels can solve all these problems they are a renewable source of energy, and you can reduce them locally. Biofuels also reduces pollution.

  •   How the use of biofuels can reduce carbon emissions?

Traditional fuels emit carbon gasses when burned. But biofuels do not emit carbon when used as a fuel in vehicles, or they emit carbon in minute quantities.

All the carbon biofuel vehicles emit is used by plants as they need carbon to produce their food through the process of photosynthesis. So there is no carbon left in the air to cause pollution.

  •   Why use biofuels instead of fossil fuels?

The main reasons for using biofuels instead of fossil fuels is that biofuel can be produced locally, which means they are a renewable source of energy.

Another reason for using biofuel is that they do not produce carbon gas when burned in the vehicles. Carbon is the main reason for causing global warming. Which means that using biofuels can also help in reducing pollution.


    How does the use of biofuel reduce air pollution?

Diesel or petrol when burn-in vehicles produce carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide gasses. These gasses are the greenhouse gasses, and they result in global warming.

On the other hand, when using biodiesels in the vehicles, they do not emit carbon gasses or emit in a meagre quantity, a quantity which is enough to be used by plants in the process of photosynthesis thus.

As a result, there are no carbon gasses in the atmosphere, and they help to reduce air pollution. One research shows that use of biofuels reduces air pollution by up to 66%.

  •   What countries use biofuels the most?

Most countries around the globe are now moving towards the use of biofuel as an energy source. Many of the large vehicles manufacturers are now producing vehicles which use biofuels.

The biggest biofuel using countries all around the world are the USA, Brazil, Canada, and most European countries, Australia, China and Thailand.

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